Studio GUO Cheng Dong

CCTV News TV News from CCTV featuring the work of Chengdong Guo in his Paris studio while he works with clay and plaster.

Fondation Chu Teh Chunéquence-Vitry-site.mp4 Extract of documentary film Directed by Christophe Fonseca. Chengdong Guo was commissioned by the family of Chu Teh Chun to produce a human scale statue of the acclaimed Chinese painter. Guo used a special technique to make the sculpture. In fact, as we observed the sculpture, brush strokes appear on the surface. It symbolises …

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Summer show

Chendong GUO featured in the Summer exhibition of the UK Sculptor Society. The group show titled « FACE 2022 » displayed two bust portraits by Guo. The sculptor was selected for the Tony Stones Award for both bust portrait he exhibited during the show. 华人雕塑家郭成东作品伦敦展出        Author : Weng Yuqing 【欧洲时报实习记者翁雨晴图文报道】8月8日是英国肖像雕塑家协会(Society of Portrait Sculptors,以下简称SPS)2022年《面容》年展的首日,108件来自世界各地的肖像被精心陈列于伦敦切尔西的加里森教堂(Garrison Chapel)。虽然雕塑中欧美面孔居多,但一走进教堂,映入眼帘的首先是一张亲切的中国老奶奶面容。这件荣登展览海报的精品《母亲的母亲》是旅法华人雕塑家郭成东所作。他凭藉该作品获得了肖像雕塑家协会颁发给非会员的托尼·斯通(Tony Stone)荣誉奖。 由于新冠疫情,《面容》前两年均于线上举办,今年终于回归线下。展品中三分之二由SPS会员创作,三分之一公开向全球雕塑家征集。SPS主席马库斯·柯尼施(Marcus …

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